So, all my hobby stuff had to be packed up and put into storage.  Some of it went into the attic and some is in the bedroom.  My former hobby room is now the nursery. It will be some time before I can sort out a proper hobby space, but I intend to forge ahead with some hobby work here and there.  Perhaps the biggest issue is spraying. While I kept my paint pots handy, my spray cans of primer are in the attic.   I reckon is not the best idea to be using the airbrush in the bedroom.

So… what to do?  Well, the simple answer is to just do what I can.  Assemble models and then batch prime them when I do get a chance.  With this in mind, I plan to continue working on the wraithguard/blades unit and to start assembling some other models.  I decided to magnetise all the options from the wraithguard/blades box.  I actually have most of this already done from before my hiatus, but there are a few connects/joints that need magnets and a few have fallen out.

I will show some pictures of the magnet work at a later date.

In the meantime, this will give you an idea of the things I will be working on.


I believe that I may have another three jetbikes on sprues, in an army case.

I also don’t have Yvraine from the Triumvirate, as I split the box with Matt.  I will probably get her again at a later date.