First up, I plan on updating the site more regularly in future. I was posting material on a club site and I kind of just left this neglected.

On a general view of Eldar since the Craftworld codex came out, I have the following comments and observations:

The Phoenix Lords are still a bit pricey in my opinion. They generally lack invul saves and that really hurts them. At around about 200pts each I find that too expensive without the invul save.

Eldrad should have Eternal Warrior. Make him more expensive if you must, but he should have that rule. He’s super old in the fluff and his body is hardening into crystal.

For the most part I think that the fuss about D-Weapons is over-blown. The Wraithguard with D-Scythes is pretty nasty, but its an expensive unit that generally has more expense with Waveserpent. Pop the transport and they should be avoidable in most circumstances. They are nasty though, I wouldn’t say otherwise, but then again, so are Thunderhammer termies.

I haven’t really seen anyone using big Jetbike squads with lots of Scatter Lasers. They are also only Ld 8, unless you add a character. Still, I think that they could do with a tweak in points, or restrict the heavy weapon option again.

For the record though the 12 inch range on catapults annoys me and I will never be convinced otherwise. I’m pretty sure if you asked people if they would prefer them to be 24 inch range without the Bladestorm rule, most people would agree. I also don’t know why vehicle and bike mounted catapults can’t use the Avenger variant.

The Wraithknight is undercosted.

Banshees probably didn’t need the points drop with the rules tweaks that were made.