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More Progress

So, I managed to get a bit more done.

I stripped the two bikes a bit more and managed to get them into a much better shape.


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So, I stripped the torso pieces and guns/arms below and repainted them. The helmets, backpacks and shoulder pads weren’t part of the disaster, so that was a time saver.


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Back to Reality

So, I haven’t posted in a few weeks now for a variety of reasons.

I had a complete hobby disaster a while ago. I sprayed some models and the primer totally misfired. I was using the Army Painter Dragon Red (as I have done for some time with my Blood Angels) and they ended up caked in powdery paint. Now, to some extent I had that issue with the bike for the Sanguinary Priest. I wasn’t overly happy with it, but decided to plough ahead. However, on closer inspection of the other parts, the caking was really bad. A lot of detail was being lost and it would only get worse with more paint added. To make matters worse, I had an accident carrying the stuff from my shed into the house. Suffice to say that everything ended up all over the place and when I finally gathered everything up some bits were missing or broken (not to mention some cuts and bruises!). Continue reading