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Dun Dun Done

Finally finished the Dire Avengers. Wow, that felt like a marathon and a half. I was really getting to the point where I felt I’d never finish them.

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With the changes made to aspect warriors in the codex, some of the abilities only work if the entire squad has the rule. This means that the Autarch would actually create problems if you tried to include them in those units.

Dire Avengers, Banshees and Scorpions all have rules that would actually cease to work if an Autarch was included. I also don’t see any real added advantage to including an Autarch anyway.

Fire Dragons, Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders, Shining Spears and Dark Reapers all have rules that the Autarch doesn’t interfere with. With Swooping Hawks and Warp Spiders, the Autarch can actually avail of the movement rules the units have (but not the vector strike style attack hawks have). Continue reading

Almost There

So, almost finished the Dire Avengers. I have some small detail work to finish off on them like the gemstones and some gold work. Then its basing the last batch I started painting.


Dire Consequences

I bet get these Dire Avengers finished soon, because I am running out of heading names for them, as well as patience!

I decided to do some patterns on the Exarch back banners. The one on the left below needs some more work to tidy it up. The paint bled through the masking tape, which is a real pain.  Also the power weapon isn’t painted below. That is just an undercoat. The weapon for the other Exarch isn’t even primed.


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Dire Straits

So, work has gone very slowly on the Dire Avengers. I managed to do my back in again, so I couldn’t do any kind of painting for a while. Last night was the first time I was able to do any painting. I  only did about 30 minutes worth, but it was something.


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