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I started working on a Sanguinary Priest on a bike. I am also working on the rest of the squad to go with him.

When I was spraying the undercoat it went a bit speckly/textured. I wasn’t very happy about it obviously, but I couldn’t face having to strip all the paint off and start again. That being said, I keep looking at the wings on the bike and getting annoyed with the textured look. Continue reading


So, I finally got back to some painting. Not much, but something. I bought some new gold paint a while ago, so I opened it up and went over the gold areas on the models. The previous gold was too dull for my tastes. I then applied some more Mephiston red to the blood drops etc, that I had either missed, or needed touching up.IMAG0806

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So, I have been doing a little bit of modelling work here and there. Painting though hasn’t happened.

One of the things I decided to do was de-sprue and assemble some dreads.

I have two Furioso Dreadnought kits and one regular, older Dreadnought kit. I had the idea to assemble a Librarian dread and then use the older Dreadnought kit to make a Death Company dread. I will come back to the remaining kit at a later date and assemble it as a Furioso most likely.

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