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So, I was a bit disillusioned after the Revenant toppled over. I finally got back on the hobby horse and started to work on repairing it.

Here are some pics of the problem/damage.

It looks like the pin went further down into the lower leg and didn’t leave much going into the knee joint. Removing the pin proved to be impossible. Eventually I manage to cut it off and drill a new hole.


The Harder They Fall

So, work continued here and there over the holiday. I had gotten to a point where I figured I would leave it for now.

That was until last night when it toppled over!!!

I felt that the base was not large enough. However, it appears that the knee joint gave way. I had it pinned with brass rod, but it seems it wasn’t strong enough.

Anyway, I think I may do some repainting on some parts of it now.


The Bigger They Are III

Slow progress lately due to Christmas coming and all that involves.

Rough base coating applied. It will need another coat or two (the black and bone colours don’t look as even in real-life as they seem in the picture) and then the more detailed stuff and gems will need to be painted. I haven’t decided on a colour for the rhino on the base yet.


So, I started working on some Wraithguard. These are going to be magnetised with different weapon options. I also started working on my Revenant titan. Continue reading

I decided that I need to take a break from painting Blood Angels for a bit. I also feel like the blog name should be 40K Blood Angels as of late.

So, this is a glimpse of what I am working on at the moment.imag0925

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More Terminators

So, work continues on the regular Terminators.

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A Golden Host

So, the Sang guard are basically done. Few touch-ups that I missed and the bases need doing. I will do the bases in a job lot with other stuff.

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Almost There

Still managing to keep on plugging away at stuff. I hope I keep this going for some time.

I finished up the heavy flamers and other parts for the marines. I will assemble them later. Here are the heavy flamers though.

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So, I stripped the torso pieces and guns/arms below and repainted them. The helmets, backpacks and shoulder pads weren’t part of the disaster, so that was a time saver.


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I started working on a Sanguinary Priest on a bike. I am also working on the rest of the squad to go with him.

When I was spraying the undercoat it went a bit speckly/textured. I wasn’t very happy about it obviously, but I couldn’t face having to strip all the paint off and start again. That being said, I keep looking at the wings on the bike and getting annoyed with the textured look. Continue reading