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FAQ and other stuff

So, I haven’t updated this blog in months now. I didn’t mean to leave it so long, but life has been busy. Currently, I have no hobby area, so getting any painting/modelling done is hard. I have managed to get some games of 40k in recently though.

The release of the new FAQ seems like a good time to get back into to the swing of posting here. View full article »


So, I’ve not been posting lately. Essentially I haven’t made any real progress hobby wise. I have primed models and started painting them, but progress has been slow to non-existent. I’d love to say that I will get lots of painting done over the Christmas holidays, but I probably won’t. Still, I will endeavour to get something painted.

Looking at the Blood Angel codex, I have to say that I am happy with it. Blood Angels finally have access to some more fliers and anti-air tanks. If I am being picky, I would point out that the sons of the winged primarch still don’t have a unique flier, while the sons of Russ and Johnson do. Still, we know that the objective at the moment is to get codices out as quickly as possible.

There have been some nice points tweaks here and there. The new relics, warlord traits and stratagems, also bring Blood Angels up to speed with the other chapters (Space Wolves will get theirs soon enough I am sure). 

I am really loving the inclusion of the Red Thirst rule and the fact that it reflects the Horus Heresy version. It isn’t exactly the same, but it is along the same vein. It is also great that Blood Angels can now make use of Cataphractii terminators and other models from the Betrayal at Calth box.

Codex Craftworlds Critique

So, the new codex has dropped and I have had a chance to look through it. So, what do I think of it?

Lets start with the negatives.

I said before (with the previews) that I thought the Craftworld traits felt bland. I also can’t help but feel that Battle Focus has been overshadowed by some other codex traits (I am looking at you Death Guard!). Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some advantages. Battle Focus affects everything really, as do the traits. That being said, Battle Focus does very little for Eldar vehicles, due to all their big guns being Heavy (except Shuriken cannons). I just feel this reduces the effect and idea of Eldar fast skimmer vehicles.

The other thing that strikes me is the reduction in options throughout the codex. This is mainly seen with Autarchs and Exarchs. A lot of the weapon and wargear options are gone completely. Spinneret rifles and Sun Rifles for instance. The Autarchs also pretty much have no options available anymore. For instance, an Autarch only gets Mandiblasters if they have Swooping Hawk Wings. On foot, or on a bike and its tough luck. Banshee mask is not an option at all. Granted you can use the index version, but there are rumblings that tournaments won’t allow the index options (I am not a tourney player, but I feel the pain, especially for anyone with conversions or some of the older Autarch models). GW even decided to re-cast and sell some of the Autarch models with options you can’t use in the codex.

Some oldies that seemed to vanish in the index have stayed gone. Eldritch Storm never made it as a psychic power. Holofields are also gone. I figure that they may want to keep them as a more Harelquin thing, but we even had vehicle conversion bits for them.

So, I don’t want to go into an in-depth analysis on units (or my usual rant about shuriken catapults having the same range as a pistol!!!). There are however, two units I would like to reference.

Falcons saw a points reduction, but they still seem to suffer in the trade-off evaluation with the Wave Serpent. They definitely made them a bit more enticing with the points drop, but they still seem to be less attractive as an option to me.  

Warlocks versus Spiritseer. A Single model unit Warlock is only ten points cheaper than the Spiritseer. The Spiritseer has superior casting potential, because they can cast Smite at full effect. The Spiritseer has superior stats and has the Spirit Mark ability.  A Perils result can kill a Warlock on foot while a Spiritseer has twice as many wounds and therefore will survive.

I feel that Warlocks are missing something. I think that they should have an ability to reflect their martial nature. Perhaps allowing units within a certain range to use their Leadership score. This would help Guardian units. They could probably do with an extra wound too, or at least something like a ghosthelm.

Finally, can someone answer this question for me please. Why would I take an Aeldari blade over a chainsword on a Storm Guardian?  Sorry, it just seems like a pointless option and I hate pointless options. (There could be a pun there really, but yeah.. the chainsword seems better, all day, everyday)

So, the positives.

There have been points tweaks all over the codex and a few rules changes here and there for some units (Banshees and Warwalkers get some rules changes). We also get more psychic powers again, relics, Warlord Traits and stratagems.

There are a few new options available in the codex now too. Some new wargear/weapons such as the Star Glaive and the relics. Many units have gone from horribly expensive (over-priced) to something you may want to bring to the tabletop.

The book also have new content and pushed the story-line forward a bit. There is also some lovely new artwork throughout the book.

To sum up.

The Codex is a vast improvement to the index. However, I do feel that some opportunities were missed. A lot of people complained about the lack of new plastic kits to go with it. I understand that GW are trying to get a codex to everyone quickly and this approach speeds things up. That being said, apart from the undeniable age of the models and the sheer quantity of the range that lacks plastic, it now appears that Eldar players have had many options removed as a result.

People complained about Warlocks and Falcons being poor and while GW did reduce their points cost, I don’t think that has resolved the issue. I feel that they need a little extra TLC to make them a more attractive option in the codex (this is not about them being super awesome, but it just seems there are better options there).


Ulthwé Craftworld Teaser

So GW dropped the teaser for Ulthwé. In short, everything gets a d6 roll of 6 save against wounds, including mortal wounds. It doesn’t work with or stack with Spirit Stones, The Avatar’s molten body, or Ghost Helms.

……….. It’s bland. I am not saying its bad. But it just feels very dull and bland to me.

Anyway, moving on. They also revealed some Stratagems that make Guardians better. One gives them +1 to hit in either shooting or assault. The other gives them a 4+ invul for an enemy shooting phase. It also says they are better as a result without an increase in points. I am a bit concerned. I really think that Guardians are a terrible unit as it stands. They are too expensive and their weapon is too short range. That being said, there are other factors that may come into play, such as a change to Battle Focus, maybe they did drop the points, but didn’t give that away.

Moving on, they say that Eldrad has actually dropped in points and they show off Mind War. Similar to before. 18″ range and a d6 added to Ld roll off. Every point you win by is a mortal wound for the enemy model.

So, nothing as such to show superior Psykers or Black Guardians, just a bland 6 up save. That and stratagems that only affect Guardians and Ulthwé Farseers can’t even avail of the Craftworld attribute.

I should note that I have almost always included Guardians in my army. But I have been finding it increasingly hard to make any use of them. Sure, you can mount them in a Wave Serpent, but that is an expensive tax on a unit that isn’t the cheapest unit by any stretch. Cheap for Eldar, but not when compared to Orks, gaunts and imperial guard, to name but a few. 



What’s on the table

So, I managed to find the other three jetbikes. Of course, they weren’t with the rest of my models, but thrown into a box with random things in it. I have assembled the bikes and the Yncarne up to the point where I feel I need to paint the model in separate parts, before final assembly.


I haven’t glued on all the little flaps on the canopies of the jetbikes. I will use a few with the monitor popping out, but I haven’t decided how many yet.

The next thing now is to get some undercoat. I had been using a grey primer with the airbrush, but I can’t use the airbrush at the moment. Therefore, I think I will use a black primer spray-can. 

The Wraithguard also have me in a conundrum. I had the idea of doing them in a more wraithbone colour scheme, to offset from the predominantly black Ulthwé scheme. However, now I am thinking that maybe I should just spray them black. They have already been primed though and I had just wanted to spray them with a bone colour.

What’s on the table

So, all my hobby stuff had to be packed up and put into storage.  Some of it went into the attic and some is in the bedroom.  My former hobby room is now the nursery. It will be some time before I can sort out a proper hobby space, but I intend to forge ahead with some hobby work here and there.  Perhaps the biggest issue is spraying. While I kept my paint pots handy, my spray cans of primer are in the attic.   I reckon is not the best idea to be using the airbrush in the bedroom. View full article »

Index Blood Angels

So, I covered Eldar, time to give Blood Angels the treatment.

So, first up, with the marine and other codices coming out, the Blood Angels, like other index armies feels like its missing things. Like I did with Eldar, I will point these out, but of course I do expect them to be changed with the codex. View full article »

Not Codex Eldar

First up, I haven’t played a game of 8th edition yet. Its important to say that, as what I am saying is not based on experience in the new edition. That being said, I have seen and read lots of reports on battles etc and there is also the general experience of playing since 2nd Edition. Still, on paper vs on the tabletop are often two very different things…

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I have Returned

So, there has been a complete lack of updates for a while now. Without going into too much detail, the reason for this is that I became a dad four months ago and my wife was diagnosed with cancer during the pregnancy. Our little bundle of joy is doing well, as is my wife.

I feel that things are pretty good right now, but it has been a busy time with getting used to parenthood and the many hospital visits etc for both wife and baby.

Hobby wise, nothing has been going on due to the above. That being said, I do hope to get back into things soon enough. I hope to have some painting done to show off in the coming weeks.

I think that the next few posts will be about the new edition and the Eldar index in particular. I did buy the rulebook and two indices, as well as the Dark Imperium boxset.

Let There Be Light

So, I am still kicking. I recently received an order I made about eight weeks ago. I decided to take the plunge and order a mini photo booth. It was about €7.50, so I figured that if it was rubbish, at least it wasn’t a major loss.

Essentially it is a white box with some LED lights that are powered via a USB cable. It is very light and came in a compact folded package. You unfold it and use it holds together by some magnets that are stuck onto it.

It was a little fiddly to get the magnets to hold things together properly, but once up it was fine. The magnets could maybe be a little stronger, but you could remedy that by replacing them yourself. That is also me being a bit picky really.

Here are some pics.