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Forgeworld Models

I was asked about some of the Eldar Forgeworld models and rules for things such as the Hornet.

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Over all the codex suffers from Codex creep. So as armies get updated points tend to go down.  That being said, I don’t think that Guardians in particular should be dropping in points.  The idea of Guardians dropping to 6 points like an Ork Boy seems wrong to me.  Orks are numerous and fight in large groups.  This seems to be at odds with the idea that the Eldar are a dying race.  (At the same time, having Ork boys being 2 points cheaper than a Guardian as things currently stand seems pretty bad) I personally think that Guardians should probably move more towards being a bit more durable and pumping out punishing firepower at range.  I think that Fire Warriors in the Tau list are more along the lines of how Guardians should be. 4+ save with a good ranged weapon.  Of course having the shuriken catapult as a lower strength than the Pulse Rifle, but with the addition of heavy weapon support would make the unit different from a game point of view.

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Eldar only have one dedicated transport option, the Wave Serpent.

All I can say is that it is too expensive and it is not an assault vehicle.  It does provide good protection for the troops it carries and it can have a good armament, but it just doesn’t do the job when it comes to assault troops in particular.  It could be said that the points cost would be fine as is, IF it had an assault ramp.  As it stands though, a Wave Serpent can easily cost you more than the unit embarked in it.  I don’t think that should be the case for transport vehicles at all.


So, lets look at the Heavy Support section of the Eldar codex.

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Fast Attack

So, lets look at the Fast Attack section of the Eldar codex.

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So, lets look at the Troops section of the Eldar codex.

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So, lets look at the Elites section of the Eldar codex.

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So, lets look at the HQ section of the Eldar codex.

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The purpose of this blog is discuss the Eldar in 40K. I may also discuss other aspects and armies in 40k here too.

I mainly collect Eldar and Blood Angels, so expect these to be the armies that I focus on most of all.

The first thing that I intend to do is a review and critique of the current Eldar codex in 6th edition.