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The Wail of Death

Been working on a squad of Banshees. If you look, you may notice that they consist of two versions of the Banshee model.

While I’d prefer to have them being the one type, I don’t feel like splashing out . These are metal minis and I don’t see the point in getting the same again in either metal or resin. For the most part I have been replacing minis with newer plastic versions as they come out. There are no plastic Banshees as of yet though. I also need to look at replacing my Wraithguard with the new plastic kit as well as the new Fire Prism tank.

Anywho, these were taken a few days ago and I have made a little more progress on them since then. Mostly though it has been small detail work that might be hard to see in a photo. I also apologise for the photo quality. While I don’t actually have a lightbox for photographing minis, I have in the past rigged something up. At the moment though, I am still working on getting the hobby room in order. Therefore, when I do have some hobby time, I am trying to spend it painting and not trying to setup a lightbox.

I hope to finish these badgirls off before the end of the month and get started on another unit of Dire Avengers and a Wave Serpent. Then I think I will line up the army as it is and look at any additional basing/rebasing that needs doing. Once that is done, I think that I will park the Eldar for a bit and start back working on my Blood Angels.

IMAG0363 IMAG0364 IMAG0365 IMAG0366


Fixing Shuriken Weaponry

One thing that I constantly hear from players is a complaint about Shuriken weapons and the AP 2 ability.

Personally, I hate the way Shuriken weapons work at the moment. The 12 inch range on catapults is a joke in my opinion.

In 40k, 12 inch range is the standard for pistols and shotguns. The shuriken catapult seems to fill the role of a super shotgun.

I know that a while back some folks in GW took the view that the Guardians where a force of last resort, or desperation, but seriously, when have any reserve force in any military been given a weapon akin to a shotgun as their standard armament?

(Not talking about ship crew or boarding parties now, standard field reservists)

(No doubt someone will point one out, but you know what I mean). Eldar are a dying race and sending them out in poor armour with a really short range weapon is crazy sauce. I don’t really think that they should have 5+ armour either. At the very least, I’d like them to change that up to a 5+ save, but 4+ against blast and templates. Basically, back to the old days when flakk and mesh armour was better against blasts and stuff.

Right, back on track. Dire Avengers get 18 inch range. Now, why a vehicle, or jetbike doesn’t also have the same range is beyond me. They are mounted weapons, with access to more ammunition feeds/capacity and they should have gyro-stabilisers and targeting equipment. The problem is, how do you keep Avenger catapults better?

For me, one solution is as follows:

Make shuriken catapults 18 inch range. (24 would be even better, but maybe that’s heading into cheese land).

Change the Bladestorm rule as follows:

The AP on shuriken catapults increases to 4, not 2.

On Avenger catapults it would be AP 3, not 2.

On Shuriken Cannons it is AP 2.

I feel that this keeps Dire Avengers useful, as they ignore standard power armour, whereas Guardian catapults won’t.

What do people think of that idea?


Well, been really busy of late and not with hobbying.

I actually had done some work that never got posted. I finished off the Vypers. I have also been working on a squad of Banshees.

I had to sort something out at home, as my painting and PC area had become a real mess. The room had become really chock full of stuff. I had to clear out some other rooms and it all ended up dumped into the room I use.

I went to Ikea and got some storage solutions, which then had to be assembled etc. I also got a new computer desk, which is much better for allowing me to use it for hobby work too.

Anyway, Here you can see a shot off one of the Vypers. I touched up the gems (some where never painted beyond one block colour) and I added a homemade greyish wash into the armour plate gaps.

I could do more, like adding some grey highlights, but I think I will leave them for now. They are more than good enough for tabletop usage.


I will post some pictures in the next couple of days of the Banshees. I really hope to have at least an update per week for the next while. That was my intention a while back, but things got in the way (as often happens).