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So work continues slowly. I magnetised the backs of the Death Company and the jump packs. I also got the base colours done on the jump packs and some tidy up work on the Death Company themselves.

My golds are not working well. They got pretty dried out and the lighter golds are just not covering at all, even over the darker gold/bronze.

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So, work has continued on the Death Company. At the moment everything is kind of at base coat stage. The parchment, bone and red crosses and blood drops have had two coats. Some of the weapons casings have had one coat of Gore Red. I will give them a second coat. I need to apply some washes and also build up the wings. Right now the wings are based with grey.


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So, I decided to work on some Death Company. I already have some Death Company, but they are in various states of repair and quality. Some are the old metal Death Company models, some the even older ones and some are plastic models. Given that I have the newer plastic kit, I decided to work on those.


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