So, got to work on the terminators. The original plan was to do 12 in total. I had 10 terminators and numerous terminators from the old starter box set Assault on Black Reach and then the lightning claw and Thunderhammer/Stormshield guys from Spacehulk.


After assembly I realised that two of the guys had a raised area on the top of the backplate. This looked like it was for mounting things like the Cyclone missile launcher. So, I took these out and used a couple of the Black Reach bodies, clipped of the arm attachment dowel thingies so I could glue the other arms onto them.imag0862

After priming them grey and then spraying them with Mephiston Red, I used some Angelic Red (Minitaire paint) from a topdown angle as a highlight. Its very supple indeed. You can barley notice it in photos, or in real life even. Still, I think I will try this in future. At this point I also decided to leave the Spacehulk models till later.

I focused on the thunderhammer guys initially. I actually painted them with the arms separate. The lightning claws are still a work in progress, but almost there. You may notice the Spacehulk lightning claw guy on the end. Well, I was spraying the lightning claws, so decided to do his while I was at it. I then just painted the silver areas seeing as I was doing the same on the other guys. I think that I will just bite the bullet and finish him off now.