So, as I said before, I got a little antsy with working on the bikes. So, I decided to work on other stuff for a bit.

One of the jobs that needs doing is some re-basing. I don’t want to have to re-base everything, but I have an idea on how I want to use the different base sizes. I plan to leave my existing foot based models on the 25mm bases. Given that Jump infantry are bulky, I will have them on the new 32mm bases. I will probably have all the characters mounted on 32mm though.

So, my older Death Company are on the 25mm bases. These are a mix of metal and plastic minis. The metal ones are in slotta bases. So, I cut off the metal tab and drilled a hole in one of the feet. I will use a paperclip to create a pin, which will be slotted through a hole in the base. I will also need to add some greenstuff to keep things in place.

As you can see below, the bases are also painted green, whereas the new ones are a desert scheme.


I am also painting up a Fragcannon for a Furioso Dread and some Heavy flamers for tactical squads.