So, I finally got the supplement and the codex, so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

If I had to pick one word to describe the new stuff it would be LAZY. If I was using other words they would be along the lines of CRAP and DISAPPOINTING.

Seriously, ignoring the fluff stuff, this seems to be a phoned in effort. I know this is harsh, but I can’t help it. It just plain sucks balls.

If I focus on the codex, they changed the Assault marines and Devastators entries to be in-line with the standard codex marines equivalents. Ok, that is alright. BUT, why didn’t they update the other entries that have disparities? Terminator and Vanguard Vets are more expensive (or at least the wargear options are) than the marine codex versions. These were not touched. They also didn’t update the WS and BS stats for scouts, despite the official errata on the Facebook page. Ditto for the Dreadnought attacks.

Nothing new added either. Nothing from Angels of Death (apart from psyhcic powers), no new flyer, or access to the Stormtalon, no Centurions, no Landspeeder Storm, no anti-air vehicles.

The new Dataslate entry for the terminator captain is silly really. All they had to say was if you have a captain in terminator armour with a thunder hammer they can upgrade it to the Hammer of Baal.

We now get Death Company chaplains back. While this is good, I don’t like what they did. Why does he have to have an inferno pistol? Why do the new Relics replace things like the inferno pistol and crozius, but cost so much? More on that later too.

The cost of the Death Company chappy is a bit high really. If you opt for the relic armour for the 2+ save you are straying into Astorath points territory. Yes you get some extra rules on the armour, but Astorath gets better stats and his AP2 fancy axe for about 10 more points. Its a minor gripe perhaps.

They still did nothing to address the shitty chapter trait situation. Seriously GW, Furious Charge is not sufficient. Every other chapter has two bonuses/traits. The sons of the winged primarch should have a bonus related to the use of jump-packs/ aerial combat. At the very least, stop making the +1 initiative a formation based bonus and just include it as a chapter trait.

Angels Blade Strike Force

Facepalm, seriously.

This has the same bonuses as the Baal Strike Force with the addition of The Sons of Sanguinius rule. So a unit below half strength gets Zealot. ….Riiight. This is so situational a rule its not funny. In a 5 man squad you are down to 2 models before this kicks in. If you are in combat already it is useless (except perhaps that you won’t run away). If you are not interested in getting into combat with the unit (Devs or Tacticals), well you won’t break maybe, but you now can’t go to Ground either.

It’s a nice little rule perhaps, but its pretty weak in comparison to other major force org bonuses. When you factor in what you need to bring to get it and well….not worth the effort. This is the big problem really. You have to bring the Demi Company. This is a major points sink and it gets no additional bonuses from the overall force bonus. If you opt for the Archangels Demi company you get some nice bonuses there, but again its expensive and you have to pick from Terminators and Vanguard units that have not had their points issues fixed. If you stick to Sternguard and Assault terminators to keep points more in line with other marines it is still expensive and seems a bit silly. And, there is a formation that is just better (more on this in a minute).

So, then we get the formations. The standouts here are the Archangels Orbital Intervention Force and the Golden host. Both of these allow you to assault on the turn you arrive. Shooty Termies can shoot twice. They also offer other bonuses. These are awesome. That being said, you always count as disordered charge if you assault from deepstrike. Now, the thing is, this means you cannot use the Blood Angels chapter trait, or the Force org bonus (Red Thirst). Given that there are formations out there that allow charging from reserve without this penalty, it sucks a bit. You also lose out on the chapter/force bonuses, which is a bit shoddy. There is just no reason not to just bring either of these Formations with a standard CAD or Baal Strike Force, rather than the new Angels Blade option. And again, to bang that drum, the Termies are more expensive than their marine codex counterparts because they never fixed them.

I also don’t see why I’d opt for the Archangels Demi company, when I can just get an Orbital Intervention Force.

The Death company Strike Force is good. It also actually adds something extra when you opt to use it in the main Death Company force option.

The Lucifer Armoured Task Force sounds great. Scout and Fast Landraiders and preds. The problem is that its expensive. It also has yet another not updated and inferior dataslate to the marine codex equivalent (Techmarine).

The Lost Brotherhood Strikeforce seems good to me. That being said, there are a few things here.

The Relics have replacements for existing weapons. As such, they seem a bit pricey.

The Blood Shard gives the bearer Counter Attack for 30pts. Hmm… I suspect that was supposed to mean the unit got it, but the rules for Counter Attack say that only models that have it get it. So……lazy, not checking rules properly.

With the Angel’s Blade supplement you get the fluff etc. But expecting people to pay for the codex update is poor. This stinks as a filler release. I don’t see why more couldn’t have been done. How much extra effort would it have been to update more of the dataslates?

Maybe the print copies where done before the Facebook errata, but why wasn’t the tablet version changed?