So, I haven’t posted in a few weeks now for a variety of reasons.

I had a complete hobby disaster a while ago. I sprayed some models and the primer totally misfired. I was using the Army Painter Dragon Red (as I have done for some time with my Blood Angels) and they ended up caked in powdery paint. Now, to some extent I had that issue with the bike for the Sanguinary Priest. I wasn’t overly happy with it, but decided to plough ahead. However, on closer inspection of the other parts, the caking was really bad. A lot of detail was being lost and it would only get worse with more paint added. To make matters worse, I had an accident carrying the stuff from my shed into the house. Suffice to say that everything ended up all over the place and when I finally gathered everything up some bits were missing or broken (not to mention some cuts and bruises!).

Anyway, I eventually felt up to going back over the damage and trying to sort it out once and for all. I decided that there was nothing for it but to try and strip off the paint. I tried using some Fairy Power Spray. It seemed different to me from the last time I used it and it didn’t seem to be taking the paint off very well. I decided to soak the stuff in it over night. The paint didn’t come off much at all. I took the stuff out and scrubbed with a tootbrush and left it soak overnight again. Still no joy. Did some online trawling and it seems that the Fairy Power Spray formula was changed at some point.

Now, the stuff fairly stinks due to the Fairy spray, so I washed it all off. I tried to use some nail polish remover. Yeah, I know this melts plastic, but I tired to just do a few pieces quickly. It degraded the detail. Then I set out to look for some acetone free stuff (I was hoping that the stuff I had used was regular nail polish remover [The bottle had been refilled at some point, so I wasn’t sure]).

The acetone stuff seemed to do the job without melting the plastic too much (if at all). Also, I only left the stuff in the liquid for a short time. I didn’t want to chance soaking it for any length of time. At this point though, I only did the smaller pieces. I still have to do the bikes and some bits n bobs.


You can see the state of the bikes after the Fairy Power spray. I managed to get some paint off, but its in a bad state. 


After all this nonsense I was going on holidays. So, I have just returned home and hope to get back into things shortly.