So, I finally got back to some painting. Not much, but something. I bought some new gold paint a while ago, so I opened it up and went over the gold areas on the models. The previous gold was too dull for my tastes. I then applied some more Mephiston red to the blood drops etc, that I had either missed, or needed touching up.IMAG0806

Also of note is that they are now on bases. Because I had completely covered the base in texture already, I couldn’t glue the models on. I tried to scrape off some around the feet of a mini, but it didn’t work out very well. In the end I drilled a hole in the feet and base and pinned them in place. I also used some greenstuff under the base (to hold the wire in place as well as stop it being a jagged wire to catch or scratch off) and on the foot.

They need a little bit more work. There are a few splashes/mistakes to fix up and the bases need to be washed and a little bit added here and there. The models could also do with some more highlighting.