So, I have been doing a little bit of modelling work here and there. Painting though hasn’t happened.

One of the things I decided to do was de-sprue and assemble some dreads.

I have two Furioso Dreadnought kits and one regular, older Dreadnought kit. I had the idea to assemble a Librarian dread and then use the older Dreadnought kit to make a Death Company dread. I will come back to the remaining kit at a later date and assemble it as a Furioso most likely.

One thing that happened with the older kit, was the new DeathCompany front plate didn’t sit snug with it. It seems that there are some differences in the shape/size of the kit pieces. It also seems that the Magna-grapple also won’t sit flush on the top.


I added in some greenstuff to fill in the gaps. I will have to do something similar at the top for the magna-grapple.