So, I decided to change the background and text a bit. I felt that the text could be a little hard to read against the background.

The thing is that I wanted to keep the background image. So, I darkened the image and changed the font colour from white to yellow and also made it bold. The idea is that the background stars will not create problems for reading the text.

Anyway, curious to know if it looks better now. I am leaving the older posts with white text for now, but will likely change them to yellow if it does indeed help.

On the modelling front things have been almost dead. Few factors at play here really. Been trying to get out when there is good weather (rare too due to poor summer so far), holidays, the Euros (now finished), the Witcher 3 (serious time soak) and a little bit of burnout really.

On a positive note, I did start on some basing. I decided to just do up a job lot of bases, but given that I have covered them all in grit and stones, I will probably have to remove some in places to glue the models on. I have never done bases like this, so maybe doing thirty odd bases was a bad idea. Still, I felt it was a good idea at the time.