So, work has continued on the Death Company. At the moment everything is kind of at base coat stage. The parchment, bone and red crosses and blood drops have had two coats. Some of the weapons casings have had one coat of Gore Red. I will give them a second coat. I need to apply some washes and also build up the wings. Right now the wings are based with grey.


One thing to note is that I opted to try painting the eye lenses green. Previously I have gone with red. Usually they are red in illustrations etc. I decided that seeing as Blood Angels tend to use green lenses and Death Company can be just regular armour painted black, well the eye lenses should be the same.

I know there could be a technology reason, like they can just alter the colour with the flick of a switch, but I wanted to see how it looked. I also thought it might break up the red and black a bit.