So, I decided to work on some Death Company. I already have some Death Company, but they are in various states of repair and quality. Some are the old metal Death Company models, some the even older ones and some are plastic models. Given that I have the newer plastic kit, I decided to work on those.



Unusually for me, I decided to pretty much assemble the models fully. I left off the back packs/Jump Packs, because I intend to magnetise both options. I also plan to do another batch with the more special options, like Powerfists and Power swords. The eagle eyed viewer may notice that one of the models above has a Power sword already. I intend to add another few power weapons, maybe two swords, two axes and two powerfists.

I also used two pre-primed bodies to help fill out the unit. I used heads, arms, weapons and shoulder pads from the Death Company box to help bling them up to a more Blood Angels/Death Company level.