I bet get these Dire Avengers finished soon, because I am running out of heading names for them, as well as patience!

I decided to do some patterns on the Exarch back banners. The one on the left below needs some more work to tidy it up. The paint bled through the masking tape, which is a real pain.  Also the power weapon isn’t painted below. That is just an undercoat. The weapon for the other Exarch isn’t even primed.


If you look at the two Dire Avengers on the left, you can see that the crest pattern is the opposite of the one on the right. I painted the first unit like the right. The newer lot I painted, so I could distinguish them if I am fielding them as two ten man units. If I go for the three smaller unit option, I will have to mix one unit with the two. By keeping the colours the same, it should keep them still looking uniform.


The plan is to try and finish these over the weekend. I have to prime and paint the power weapons, finish the back banners, do some general tidy-up work and then add decals and basing. (Yeah, I probably won’t get it all done, but one can hope!)