So, I have been thinking about the Blood Angel Special characters a lot lately.

For the most part, they still seem to suffer from the same issues as they had before; namely they are over costed and/or a bit pointless really.

If I seem overly critical or dismissive of special characters because they are not powerful enough; well, it isn’t about power. I just feel that special characters should have a point to them. They should live up to their moniker; they should be special in some way.

A lot of the characters discussed here just don’t seem to offer much beyond what a generic variant does. Worse still, some of them seem to have a goal that they will struggle to manage.

If you feel you can build a similar character for about the same points cost, or even build a better one (interpretation on better being open to argument of course), well what is the point?


I don’t think that people generally thought much of Tycho in the last codex.

Rules wise he was actually pretty good in my opinion. He had a combi-melta that had special issue ammo and the Dead-man’s Hand ignored armour saves and had Digi-lasers. He also had Rites of Battle.

The big problem with him was his insanely high points cost.

In the latest codex they dropped his points by 45 (almost 25% drop by the way). Bloodsong was changed to be a Master Crafted Combi-bolter with AP 4 on the boltgun. He lost Rites of War and has Red Rampage as his Warlord Trait. He also lost the Dead-man’s Hand and just has Digi-lasers.

Now, if you equip a Captain with a combi-bolter, artificer armour and digi-lasers, then you are rocking in at the same cost as Tycho. Tycho actually offers you a bit extra. The problem is that you wouldn’t equip a Captain that way. The Red Rampage and digi-lasers seem really silly when Tycho has no close combat weapon at all. Fluff wise, I don’t get him not having a combat weapon beyond his pistol if he likes to get stuck in.

Tycho as Death Company variant still suffers from the same issues. Again, he dropped in cost compared to last time and he can also join a Death Company squad now. The big problem for me is that a Chaplain would probably be a better option. He also has no Jump Pack, so that would rule that option out for the unit.


He got tweaked quite a bit. My only real gripe is that he has no invul save and no Master crafted weaponry. I always seem to overheat when firing his Plasma. Back in the day he had a Refractor field. Anyway, he is worth using as is.


They fixed Dante, he is a boss.


Corbulo went up in cost by 15 points. For this you get an extra wound and Ld. He also takes up a HQ slot on his own now. The Red Grail was also changed significantly. Gone is the improved FnP bubble and even further improved FnP for Corbulo. Now it is +1 WS and I.

I think he is ok as is. Again, no invul save and he suffers from the same nerf to the grail as other Priests (namely, he only grants FnP to the unit he is with now and not a bubble).

The Sanguinor

So, the Sanguinor seems to be designed to take on enemy characters. In both codices he has had a rule for fighting in challenges/specific targets. The problem is that he doesn’t have an AP 2 weapon. Sorry, but most armies can equip their warlord with 2+ armour these days. Marines of all flavours, Orks, Necrons, Eldar (Phoenix Lords at any rate). Ok, that leaves Astra Militarum, Nids, Dark Eldar and a few others. It is still leaves a big pool of 2+ armour Warlord types and even other units in general. The Sanguinor would also probably be overkill against Astra Militarum characters anyway. I just feel that for 200 points he should be able to deal with any threat in combat. He can’t, so it’s a big issue.

Dante seems better for so many reasons.



First up, Astorath’s existence in the Codex has done a few things. Firstly it retcons the old fluff about the Tower of Amareo, where the victims of the Black Rage were imprisoned. Although it isn’t outright removed, it is no longer mentioned and the fact that Astorath has the job of killing any Death Company that survived … well he’d have to invalidate such a place being needed.

The other thing is that Liturgies of Blood rule has been removed from other Chaplains and now only he has it. This; coupled with a points drop has made him more useful nowadays. Still, it’s a bitter pill to swallow in that regard.


So, Lemartes takes the Liturgies of Blood hit as mentioned above. He also now takes up an Elite slot on his own (as opposed to being an upgrade for a Death Company squad).

That being said, he did drop in points and taking him means you don’t need to use a HQ slot on a regular Chaplain.


Gabriel Seth

Where to start. He is a LoW choice that is 155pts. Kinda cheap for a LoW if you ask me.

Anyway, moving along. He is also a Chapter master. He can’t seem to wrangle up some artificer armour or Terminator armour despite being the head honcho. His weapon Blood Reaver is also not master-crafted and kinda rubbish. He’s good against something like a Dreadnought or Defiler in close-combat. That’s about it though. He just seems extremely lack lustre and underwhelming for a Chapter master.


Captain Karlaen (Not in codex, but hey, you can use him)

He is a standard Captain in termy armour. He has a master-crafted Thunder-hammer and Counter-attack. He also comes with the Warlord trait: Strategic Genius, which allows re-rolls on Reserves and +1 to any Seize the Initiative roll.

Again, there is nothing special to write home about him and he is probably over-costed too.

You can get a Termy Captain with Thunder Hammer for 135pts. A Salamander one would get that hammer master-crafted for free. Even a Blood Angel could take the Veritas Vitae. That would maybe make it possible to get the Master-crafted trait on the Blood Angels table and then roll on the Strategic table and even get Strategic Genius.

He’s ok, not terrible or anything, but certainly not great either.