So, I have been thinking a lot lately about Blood Angels and, well, just how bloody poor they are (get the pun? huh huh?).

Anyway, the current codex is exceedingly lacklustre in my opinion.

Even before the main Space marine codex came out there were issues.

First and most obvious is the fact that Blood Angels Scouts, Techmarines and Dreadnoughts are now using inferior stat-lines to other Space Marines.

Secondly, Blood Angels are missing several vehicle options available to other chapters. In particular, the Blood Angels only have access to one flyer (The Storm Raven) and the Landspeeder Storm is unavailable.

This leaves them with fewer anti-air options than any other marines. What’s even worse, is that the Dark Angels and Space Wolves each get unique flyers, while the sons of Sanguinius, the winged Primarch get nothing unique. If nothing else, this seems a bit odd to me.

The lack of the Landspeeder Storm also reduces the assault options for scouts.

Another aspect of the codex is the chapter trait. Currently each chapter seems to get two or more benefits from their chapter traits.

Example: Raven Guard get stealth bonus and Jump pack bonus. Ultramarines get combat doctrines to use each turn. Blood Angels get Furious Charge.


So, what do Blood Angels have?

Well, our tactical squads get access to Heavy Flamers.

We have (or access to) Fast Rhino chassis vehicles.

A few unique units; Sanguinary Priests, Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, Libby and Furioso Dreads and the Baal Predator.

Sanguinary Priests are nice, but they got nerfed somewhat from before and they take up a HQ slot now. This means you gotta weigh them up against bringing other options, like Librarians, Chaplains, named characters and even a Captain (an option many people don’t rate).

Sanguinary Guard and Death Company both compete in Elites. This is a very congested area of the codex.

Furioso Dreads are the Blood Angels version of a Venerable Dread. The Libby Dread probably balances out the absence of an Ironclad Dread (I am not saying they are equal, just from an options in the codex point of view).

The Baal Predator is pretty rubbish in my opinion. It is 30pts more than a standard Predator with Overcharged engines. It is 5pts more expensive than the same Predator with the turret upgraded to Twinlinked Lascannon. I don’t see why it should be more expensive. On a Stormraven, both weapons options are equal points. And I don’t see why it should be more anyway.

So, what do we know of the Blood Angels?

They suffer from the Black Rage and Red Thirst.

OK, the codex has support for this.

They are an assault/fast and hard hitting force. They also love aerial combat and mastery of the skies.

This is where the codex just falls short really. Yes we get a good number of jump pack units; Assault Marines, Vanguard Vets, Sang guard, Death Company, Honour Guard. The problem is that they mostly all come from Elites. The next issue is that they have no apparent bonus other than Furious Charge. Raven Guard get to use their jump packs in each phase and get to re-roll Hammer of Wrath. This would seem like a perfect rule for the Blood Angels to have, but they don’t.

Aerial superiority is a joke. Fewer anti-air options and only one flyer available (and it is the most expensive of the two generic types).

They are great artificers due to their longevity and general love for craftsmanship and aesthetics.

I don’t think this really needs a rule as such. It could be stretching things too far from a buff point of view. It could also take away from other chapters, like Salamanders and Iron Hands.

They are probably the most psychically gifted of the loyalist marines.

Sanguinius had psychic (divination at least) ability. He was also one of the Primarchs responsible for founding the Librarians in the original legions. The only real thing that supports this in the codex is the Libby Dread. That being said, it competes with a regular Librarian. Again, I am not sure it really needs a special rule.


So, in short, Blood Angels need the discrepencies in unit stats and points costs addressed.

They also need access to another flyer. Preferable would be a unique flyer, but the Stormtalon should be a minimum.

The chapter trait is subpar and needs to be redone. It needs something extra and it should probably involve jump packs and/or flyers.