So, I have been in a weird place hobby wise. I got my Betrayal at Calth box on Monday night. Great box, really happy with it. I’d love another one even, but funds don’t allow it. So, that’s the good. The bad is that I have been struggling to do any painting. A little bit of burn out on that front I think, coupled with getting the Spacehulk and BaC boxes. By that, I mean it has been hard to focus on Eldar, when the marine stuff is calling to me.

Anyway, I did do some work on the Eldar. I did some decals on the Banshees, Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders and my Autarch. I also did some touch ups on a couple of Banshees. I also prepped the remaining Dire Avenger bits for painting.

So, the plan is to hopefully finish the Dire Avengers and Wave Serpent. Then pull out everything I have painted, or repainted recently and varnish them.

That won’t be the Eldar finished fully, as I have a few things still on sprues; a Wraithlord, couple of Warwalkers and some Guardians. I also would like to get a few more things to round out the collection; a few more bikes, a Wraithknight and some Vaul Support Batteries.

However, that will have to wait, as I want to get back to the Blood Angels and start getting them into some sort of order. I have a crazy amount of them on sprues now and the army in general needs that stuff to be assembled and painted to flesh it out properly.