So I finally finished the Banshees. Well, as with everything else, I have to varnish and add some small decals, but they are done for now. The Executioner blade fell off the Exarch before painting and I never actually painted it. I have the older style double bladed Exarch that you can see in pictures below and that will do. I intend on getting the newer Exarch executioner finished properly, but I think it needs to be pinned. The problem is that the blade join area is really small, so pinning is going to be hard to do. I will come back to it at some other point, when I have other pinning work to do.
The next thing to do is the Wave Serpent. I had intended to do the Dire Avengers, but I couldn’t work myself up to doing them for some reason. The Wave Serpent was already primed black, so I decided to work on that.
I have the Dire Avenger parts de-sprued and have done some mold line removal on them. I need to prime them though.
I think that once the Dire Avengers are finished, I will go back over everything and apply some decals and varnish it all. Then I reckon I will park the Eldar for a little bit and go back to painting some Blood Angels. I am actually expecting a nice box concerning Blood Angels in the post today.
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