Been working on a squad of Banshees. If you look, you may notice that they consist of two versions of the Banshee model.

While I’d prefer to have them being the one type, I don’t feel like splashing out . These are metal minis and I don’t see the point in getting the same again in either metal or resin. For the most part I have been replacing minis with newer plastic versions as they come out. There are no plastic Banshees as of yet though. I also need to look at replacing my Wraithguard with the new plastic kit as well as the new Fire Prism tank.

Anywho, these were taken a few days ago and I have made a little more progress on them since then. Mostly though it has been small detail work that might be hard to see in a photo. I also apologise for the photo quality. While I don’t actually have a lightbox for photographing minis, I have in the past rigged something up. At the moment though, I am still working on getting the hobby room in order. Therefore, when I do have some hobby time, I am trying to spend it painting and not trying to setup a lightbox.

I hope to finish these badgirls off before the end of the month and get started on another unit of Dire Avengers and a Wave Serpent. Then I think I will line up the army as it is and look at any additional basing/rebasing that needs doing. Once that is done, I think that I will park the Eldar for a bit and start back working on my Blood Angels.

IMAG0363 IMAG0364 IMAG0365 IMAG0366