Well, been really busy of late and not with hobbying.

I actually had done some work that never got posted. I finished off the Vypers. I have also been working on a squad of Banshees.

I had to sort something out at home, as my painting and PC area had become a real mess. The room had become really chock full of stuff. I had to clear out some other rooms and it all ended up dumped into the room I use.

I went to Ikea and got some storage solutions, which then had to be assembled etc. I also got a new computer desk, which is much better for allowing me to use it for hobby work too.

Anyway, Here you can see a shot off one of the Vypers. I touched up the gems (some where never painted beyond one block colour) and I added a homemade greyish wash into the armour plate gaps.

I could do more, like adding some grey highlights, but I think I will leave them for now. They are more than good enough for tabletop usage.


I will post some pictures in the next couple of days of the Banshees. I really hope to have at least an update per week for the next while. That was my intention a while back, but things got in the way (as often happens).