So, painting has been very slow of late.

I had hoped to be finished the Phoenix Bomber and be close to finishing the Dire Avengers at this stage.

So the top is mostly done. I want to add some highlights to the black and the gems need a little more work.

Phoenix Top

A view from the front.

Phoenix Front

I decided to paint the undercarriage a bone colour as opposed to leaving it black. So, of course that delayed things. I need to paint some of the more visible gems and I also haven’t attached the Starcannons. One of them snapped off, and I may opt to go for another weapon option instead. I’m not too worried right now though.

Phoenix Bottom

The Dire Avengers are starting to take shape. They still need a lot of work though.

Dire Avengers

I’m hoping to get the Phoenix finished next week. With a bit of luck the Dire Avengers too.