So, now that the new codex has landed, let’s have a quick look at what has changed.

So, first things first is that he army special rules remain the same; Ancient Enemy, Bladestorm and BattleFocus.

Scatterlasers lost Laserlock.

Wraith weapons are now all D weapons, as are D-cannons.

Both variants of D-Scythes have a -1 modifier on the D table, so they never ignore invul saves. They also resolve instant death at str4.

Monofilament weapons changed. They roll to wound vs initiative instead of T. This is a mixed bag. For many units it makes no odds (i.e. a marine is I4 T4, guardsman I3 T3). It makes it worse against Eldar of all types. But it is better against Necrons, Tau and Large Nid beasties. They also loose the str7 against vehicles.

The Serpent Shield is now a one shot use item and firing it removes the shield protection for the rest of the game. The range is shorter, but it can fire more shots (2d6).

Holofields are 5++ saves unless immobilised.

Psychic powers have been tweaked here and there a little bit. Eldritch Storm now has 2 fire modes essentially. It is also now AP3.

Death Mission is gone and now replaced with Asuryan’s Will, which gives Adamantium Will and Fearless to units.

Exarchs are now 2 wounds. Exarch powers are also changed. First up they are gone as we know them. You can’t buy them anymore. The exarch simply comes with set abilities. This means no more Fast Shot on the Avatar. Overall, Exarchs are actually worth bringing again.

Eldar only have access to the Santic side of Daemonology now, as opposed to both sides before.

Ok, so unit by unit, quick run through.


The Phoenix lords got some tweaks here and there.

Asurman is essentially the same. He has a 3++ in a challenge.

Jai Zar is mostly the same too, but benefits from some general changes to Banshees. However, she can disable an opponent’s weapon for the cost of one of her own attacks in combat. So, she can really neuter enemies in a challenge. Jain Zar is a character killer.

Maugan Ra can now fire the Maugetar twice (8 shots!). It also has a new fire mode, which is like the Death Jester poisoned shot that can explode the victim into a blast weapon.

Karandras has a bit of a points drop (30pts). He can arrive from reserves with a bonus (auto arrives turn 2, from any table edge). This applies to a squad of scorpions he joins. His Scorpion’s Bite is also better. It wounds on a 2+ with no armour save. 4+ vs Gargantuan creatures.

Fuegan is broadly the same. Fast shot is gone, but he can re-roll a to-hit or wound roll now.

Baharroth dropped 25pts. Mostly the same otherwise (but lost invul save). He does move 18” now though as hawk wings have changed.

Eldrad is mostly the same. Farseer runes have changed, so that affects him and he dropped by 10pts. That’s about it.

Yriel is about the same.

Illic mostly the same. You can’t upgrade Rangers anymore with him, but he now buffs a Ranger unit he is with. His sniper rifle is not a D-weapon.

Spiritseer is the same basically

Autarch is the same basically

Farseer is the same basically. They get runes that give them re-rolls to dice on psychic tests or Deny rolls. They can re-roll some or all of the dice once per turn. This makes them pretty awesome.

Warlock Council now uses a Brotherhood of Psykers rule, with the number of models determining the mastery level of the unit. You also don’t farm them out to Guardian units, as Guardian units buy a warlock as an upgrade now.

Avatar now moves to Lord of War. His Wailing Doom now grants him +2 str in combat. He also now confers Rage and Furious charge to Eldar within 12” in addition to Fearless.


Guardian units a broadly the same. They can purchase a warlock as an option (essentially the same thing as before really).

Storm Guardians have their minimum unit size reduced.

Windriders can take scatter lasers or shuriken cannons and each and every bike can do so for 10pts per.

Rangers have Shrouded instead of Stealth now. Same otherwise.

Dire Avengers as essentially the same. The Exarch can give the unit BS2 overwatch, or Counter Charge and Stubborn.


Banshees have probably seen the biggest changes. They took a 2pt per model price drop, they can get +3” on the charge. They don’t suffer initiative penalties for terrain and they can’t be Overwatched due to the mask; which also causes Fear.

Scorpions are mostly the same. They can have Shrouded until they attack (shoot, overwatch or assault). The Exarch can get extra attacks in a challenge.

Fire Dragons essentially come with Tank Hunter now

Harlequins are no longer in the codex. Big Surprise not!

Wraithguard are the same

Wraithblades are 2pts cheaper and come with Rage.


Swooping Hawks can now move 18”. If they move over a flyer base, they can hit it with Haywire attacks. Otherwise the same basically.

Warpspiders are mostly the same, but they now have a new ability. They can forgo using their Jump generator next turn to jump 2d6” when being shot at. If they get out of range or line of site, the targeting unit can’t fire at all that turn.

Shining Spears now get a 4+ cover, so they don’t really need to jink. Pretty much the same otherwise. Laser Lances now seem to retain their AP in close combat and only lose the str bonus after the charge. (Unless I read it wrong)

Crimson Hunter dropped 20-pts, but same otherwise.

Vypers dropped 10pts

Hemlock Wraithfighter is mostly the same. D-Scythes are D weapons with a modifier. It is mastery lvl 2



Dark Reapers dropped 5pts per model. They can re-roll to hit Flyers and Turbo-boosting units etc.

Vaul’s Support Battery are the same other than D-Cannons now being actual D-weapons.

Falcons can now be bought in a squadron of up to 3 and can Deepstrike as a unit.

Fireprisms can also be taken in squadrons. They can link fire.

Night Spinners can also be taken in squadrons. They can link fire. They also dropped 15pts.

Warwalkers are the same

Wraithlords the same

Wraithknights are now Lord of War and Count as Gargantuan. They also went up 55pts. The sword (only for the knight) and Wraithcannons are now D-weapons.