As an Eldar player I am delighted to have a new codex. I decided against writing anything on it for a while to let it sink in, digest it and get a sense of the general opinion out there.

As a whole I think it’s a good book. It looks nice and has some great artwork and rules.  I feel that overall a good job was done with it.  That being said, I am going to say something negative right off the bat.  I feel that some units feel like they were altered in a vacuum; that is, they either have, or create a problem for other units in the book.  I’ll explain that a bit better as I continue.

The good

Nice new fluffy rule regarding Slannesh (Ancient Doom)

Battle Focus:  A nice rule with lots of units having access to it.  Jetbikes have it and can’t use it according to the rulebook though. Seems like an oversight, or maybe a surprise in the FAQ? (More than likely the rule is there simply due to  regular Guardians having it, I reckon it shouldn’t be there and should be removed via an FAQ)

Eldar Guardians had stat increases in line with Aspect warriors (slight difference still i.e. Ld)

Plenty of changes to points costs of units to bring things more in balance with other codex books.

Changes to some of the weapons rules.

The bad

Catapults are still 12 inch range. I’m sorry, but even with the inclusion of Battlefocus, the catapult is still a silly weapon for Eldar.  We are told that Guardians are not frontline troops, yet they walk around with a weapon that has inferior range to everyone else unless they are using a shotgun or pistol.  In fact, I liken the catapult to a shotgun weapon in other armies.  12 inch range also seems too short for a vehicle mounted weapon, not to mention that if firing forwards it loses a few inches due to its placement and shape of an Eldar vehicle.

It just doesn’t seem like a weapon you would give to a support unit. A support unit should be able to plug away at enemy from range.  If anything Guardians appear more useful as shock troops.  Put them in a wave serpent, drop them out and blast away at the enemy, then try to dance away a few inches into cover or out of retaliation range (not that it is actually likely to be honest).

I actually think that making it rapid fire and longer ranged would have been a better option.  Dire Avengers could have had an assault version to keep theirs special. That or just increase the ranges of both variants by 6 inches and be done with it.


Ld8 on a 1 wound psyker, really? Not only that, but they are described as essentially the equivalent as an aspect warrior and they are Ld9.  Not to mention the fact that they are trained battle psykers and therefore their Ld should be higher than regular Guardians.  This is a huge problem for me personally; I really feel that they got this one wrong.  It also paid no heed to the fluff where Eldar use runes to cast powers more safely.  I really think that they should be Ld9 and to be honest, I think that they should either come with, or have the option to buy Runes of Witnessing (about 5pts should be enough for 1W models).

Runes of Warding

They were broken before, but I think the pendulum swung too far. I can’t see anyone ever paying the points for this upgrade right now.  I’d suggest something more like a +1 to deny the witch rolls all the time for the model.

Wave serpent vs Falcon

Wait what? The Wave serpent is class, what are you talking about. Well, I agree it is class. Therein lays the problem in a way. Remember I said about units creating problems for others?

Well, why would you bring a Falcon?

The Wave serpent starts out cheaper and has the field, can transport twice as many models and doesn’t take up a Heavy Support slot.  The Falcon is supposed to be the main Eldar Battletank, but right now it seems to me that the Wave serpent is.

In short, the Falcon needs a boost of some sort to compete with the Wave serpent.  I think that the Falcon is slightly overpriced.  Even a 10 point reduction would help.


They should have Plasma grenades.  I’ve heard people say they are a counter attack unit, but I feel that they should have them. Why?  Well they are an assault unit, even if you feel they are counter assault, so they should have assault grenades.  Guardian Defenders and Dire Avengers have them and they are not assault units at all.  Dire Avengers can fall into a counter assault roll, but anyway, Banshees should have assault grenades.


I still feel that the Phoenix Lords are overpriced and I also think that a rule allowing them to take a unit of their own aspect as a retinue would have been nice.  I see that as a missed opportunity more than anything.

Illic seems kind of gimmicky to me. A Vindicare assassin seems a lot more scary if you ask me. The model is amazing though.

Yriel still seems overpriced. Yes he went down in price, but he still seems too expensive and he still doesn’t have Haywire grenades or a pistol for some odd reason.