I was asked about some of the Eldar Forgeworld models and rules for things such as the Hornet.


The thing about the Hornet in particular is that it is in the Doom of Mymeara book.  Some people have issues with Forgeworld stuff being used in games.  Generally though I think they don’t produce rules for models that are significantly better than something in a codex (within points regions of course).

The Hornet definately breaks this mold in my opinion.

The Hornet weighs in at only 5 points more than a dual shuriken cannon Vyper. For this you get two shuriken cannons too.  You also get a higher BS score, Scout, Star Engines and better armour.  You can also upgrade both weapons to be scatter lasers etc.  It is far superior to the Vyper in every single way.

If you ask me, Hornets completely overshadow Vypers.  Nobody would ever bring a Vyper over a Hornet.  The only reason that I can think of for fielding a Vyper instead of a Hornet is that you simply don’t have the Hornet model.

(I don’t think the the Hornet is broken rules wise etc.  I think that the Vyper is just poorly costed and lacking in its rules.)  (Any buff the Vyper got in 6th edition was also gained by comparable units like Landspeeders, so if it did make up ground it only did so in comparison to things like War Walkers, but I still don’t rate them over a War Walker.  I believe that points out how poor I find them.)

Wasp Assault Walker

This is interesting. It costs a bit more than a standard Warwalker for about the same stats and options.  It loses Scout, but gains the Wasp Jump Jets.  Essentially this makes it a Jetpack model, which sounds really interesting.  They can also make a powered jump instead of shooting, but can’t assault or use the jet pack move.  It does get a 5+ cover save when it does this though.

I won’t go into the Nightwing and Phoenix bomber because there is the newer book out, called Aeronautica and there are rules in there for these flyers.  The rules in the Doom of Mymeara book seem to be for the Corsairs list and there have been changes in rules since 6th edition came out (i.e. Aeronautica is for 6th edition).