So, lets look at the Heavy Support section of the Eldar codex.

Support Weapon Battery

They got a little better and a little worse.  Warlocks can no longer use their BS to fire a weapon in the battery.  So adding a warlock may no longer be worth it.  On the other hand, the batteries are now a lot tougher and harder to kill than in 5th edition.  Overall, I think that batteries have become a better option in 6th edition.  The main issues are the sheer competition in the HQ section of the list and the lack of mobility of the battery.

Dark Reapers

Still great space marine killers.  They can even give light vehicles a hard time.  Exarch can get very expensive though if you start tooling him up.


They were good in 5th edition and they got even better in 6th edition.  You need to a psyker nearby to babysit them and some of the weapons options are a bit pricey.  Still a unit loved by many Eldar players and feared by many enemies.

War Walkers

I love them.  They can pump out lots of firepower, cost less than Vypers when not tooled up with the more expensive weapon options and can scout move.  If you can guide them, they can really dish out punishment to infantry and light vehicles (which is the role I think they excel at).


Eldar tanks got a bit of a boost in 6th edition, with jink save and extra firing capacity.  However, overall they are too expensive.  Holo-fields have also taken a major hit.  Yes you can still stop that penetrating hit from blowing your vehicle in one shot, but over all, with hull points, well they just aren’t worth the 35 points you pay for them.

Fire Prism/Night Spinner

Same situation as the Falcon really.