So, lets look at the Troops section of the Eldar codex.

Dire Avengers

Not a bad troops option at all.  However, this is partly down to the state of Guardians if you ask me.


For me they are the best unit in the troops section hands down.  The ability to upgrade them to Pathfinders is well worth the points.  They do start to get expensive and are vulnerable to flamer weapons.  I also think that smaller squads are probably the way to go.  I think that Rangers/Pathfinders work best as snipers, picking off special/heavy weapons and generally annoying your opponent.  This may seem like a silly statement, but some people seem to expect them to be wiping out entire squads at a time.


Guardians are overpriced.  Way overpriced.  The catapult is too short ranged.  Most standard Guardian squads sit around doing nothing while the heavy weapon fires at range.  To me this tends to make the average Guardian look like a meatshield for the heavy weapon.  This just doesn’t work at all for me.  It doesn’t suit the fluff of a dying race either.

You can take them with close combat weapons and have two special weapons instead.  There are no grenade options and no Ld upgrade. You can add a warlock, but that doesn’t upgrade Ld.

Guardian Jetbikes

Much the same really.  People bring a minimum squad for objective grabbing, but other than that they suffer the same issues as their counterparts on foot. Weapon range, price and no Ld upgrade.  They are more durable due to a higher toughness and armour save, however, due to low squad sizes one or two casualties can lead to them taking a break test and fleeing.

Note on Shuriken weapons

While having the shuriken catapult as an assault weapon is fluffy for Eldar, I dislike its short range. You are pretty much sure to be in range to be charged by the time you get to fire it and in rapid fire range from boltguns etc.  I don’t see Eldar units like Guardians as being the kind of units to run up to a squad of marines, unload on them and then charge into combat.  And having to footslog through a barrage of firepower unable to fireback yourself (other than with a grav platform) seems equally mad for a dying race.

Shuriken catapults on vehicles and bikes seem even more annoying with their shorter range. You would think that they would have the capacity to have much longer barrels, more ammunition and sophisticated targeting equipment.  This should translate into a longer range, at least that of Dire Avengers.

10 points to upgrade twin-linked catapults to a shuriken cannon also seems a bit steep to me too.  A shuriken cannon in a Guardian squad is 5 points, same for warwalker and falcon.  Then it is oddly enough 10 points to upgrade the catapults to a cannon after only paying 5 points to add a cannon (not even replacing an existing weapon).

I know weapons options work differently and can be used differently in different units etc.  But surely at the least it should be 10 points to add a shuriken cannon on a Falcon and 5 points to upgrade the catapults to a cannon.  Just something that seems strange to me.