So, lets look at the Elites section of the Eldar codex.

Striking Scorpions

Solid unit choice in my opinion.  You can infiltrate them with an upgrade on the Exarch, although infiltrating took a bit of a knock in 6th edition.

I would like to see them come down in price though.

Fire Dragons

A must have unit in my opinion. I simply never leave home without them.


Just too expensive really. They have the capability to be really tough, but they require other things like a farseer’s powers to really boost them. Really expensive and short range.

Howling Banshees

They took a hit with the changes to power weapons. That being said, they still have their uses.  The Doom power really helps out with their strength of 3.

Harelquin Troope

Love em or hate them I think. They are a glass hammer really.  They tend to be expensive and get more expensive as you add on to them.  I think they took a hit in 6th edition.  Flamers and weapons that ignore cover will chew them up in no time.  I just think Scorpions are more likely to make it into combat.

A note on assault troops for Eldar in general

Probably the biggest problem for Eldar assault units is that they cannot assault now when they dismount from a transport.  This really messes up Eldar assault units no end.  In particular, Banshees and Harlequins really need a transport to make it across the board.  Low armour save combined with the low toughness make these units very vulnerable to small arms fire and in particular, flamers and heavy flamers can wipe out entire squads.  They also lost the ability to fleet move and then assault.  Fleet does give you a re-roll for assault distance and run move now though.